Good Posture vs Bad Posture – What are the best Exercises to Improve Posture

My #1 favourite exercise to improve Posture is the Face Pull.



Do Massages help posture?

Sure. When you hunch forward all day long, the anterior muscles of your body become ‘tight. Pecs, Abs, Hip Flexors in the front and Neck, Hamstrings and Calves in the back. Using a combination of stretching and massage, you can restore normal tone to these muscles and strengthen the muscles that become weak and ¬†over stretched – Upper back, Quads, Glutes and Shin muscles.

Why is improving posture important?

  1. Reduced Pain and stiffness
  2. Looks
  3. Brain Function
  4. Resiliency
  5. Improved Breathing

If you are in the Annex, Harbord, Spadina and University of Toronto area, consider booking a Massage Therapy session with Catherine Taman and start doing the above exercises.