Running Well: Massage Therapy to help with Marathon training

Common Running Injuries

So, you’re thinking of training for your first half marathon.  Or maybe you’ve run ten already.  Running is a great exercise that fills you with endorphins, increases cardiac output and strengths muscles.  According to Statistics Canada, in 2013, Running was the second most popular activity shared by Canadians of all ages.  The first was walking.

I get quite a few runners in my practice and here are some common running injuries I’ve seen, how they present, and how massage therapy can help speed up recovery.

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Massage Therapy and Running: The Research

Let’s clear up some common myths about massage therapy and Athletic Performance.  First, massage doesn’t flush toxins out of your muscles to be removed by your blood stream.  That’s not a real thing.  Also, massage doesn’t remove lactic acid built up in muscles during a workout.  The common thought was that since exercise “burns” and massage relieves that feeling that it must be flushing something out.  That’s not the case.

Here are some pretty amazing things that massage can do.  As pressure is applied to soft tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments) muscles soften, relaxing them, making them more flexible and looser.  Massage is also great for myofascial adhesions (where connective tissue sticks together) restricting movement and reducing strength in a muscle.  As blood and lymph are circulated during a massage, your muscles get fresh oxygen and healthy cells that repair damaged ones.

The biggest discovery about massage therapy and Athletic Performance is it’s ability to significantly reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome): the pain you feel days after a workout.

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My Approach

If you’re looking for treatments for overtraining or injury: Take a look at my Targeted treatments which combines Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release and Sports Techniques

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